MosselBay Mesh Network Timeline: 

4 November 2018:  Upgrading the Main Mossel Bay Mesh Network Node to a Mobile or Portable Unit. (4 November 2018)

31 October 2018:  AREDN: Mossel Bay Mesh Network assist in the search for 2 people missing in the Karatara Area. (30 October 2018)

30 October 2018:  Radio Amateurs ready and on standby to render emergency communications as South African fires rage.

20 October 2018: Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast – Notification – Changes

16 October 2018:  AREDN release updated Firmware v3.18.9.0 with many changes and improvements.

9 October 2018:  Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast – Episode 2 Futuristic Technology: AREDN – Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network group in South Africa Responds to Fire Disaster in the Southern Cape – June 2017

28 September 2018:  NEW!!!  Swop Shop – Mossel Bay Mesh Network

26 September 2018:  Episode 1 – Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast – Futuristic Technology: AREDN – Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network

15 September 2018: Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast – Final Notification – What topics to Podcast?

5 September 2018:  NEW!! – Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast – with Johan Terblanche, ZS1I

29 August 2018:  Upgrading Equipment: Mossel Bay Mesh Network (Part 2)

6 August 2018: Upgrading Equipment: Mossel Bay Mesh Network (Part 1)

29 June 2018:  Renovations to the Mossel Bay Mesh Network Joint Operational Room comes to a halt!

29 June 2018:  7 June 2017 – KNYSNA FIRES: SCIENTIFIC REPORT RELEASED (Video Footage included)

10 April 2018:  Renovations to the Mossel Bay Mesh Network Joint Operational Room progressing well!!

20 March 2018:  What has been happening these past few weeks?

1 March 2018:  How To: Relay Internet audio from Echolink and then broadcast it over the Mossel Bay Mesh Network

14 February 2018:  Added two new Services to the Mossel Bay Mesh Network!

9 February 2018:  Update 2: Mossel Bay Mesh Network up and running!

31 January 2018: Update 1: Aredn: Mossel Bay Mesh Network – Maintenance/Installation

19 January 2018: New Year – “New Beginning”

2 January 2018:  Happy New Year!!

25 December 2017: Merry Christmas!!

12 December 2017:  Unique Contact with ZS9YOTA via AllStar 46765 + AREDN Mesh Node: 12 December 2017 08h20 – 08h32

7 December 2017:  Updated How to – Manuals:  Thunderbird Email Setup: MsbMesh Network Service – Citadel Server

30 November 2017:  Updated How to – Manuals: Outlook Express Email Setup: MsbMesh Network – Citadel Server


20 November 2017:  PART1:  Why are you building a community/amateur radio high speed multi media network?

15 November 2017:  Updated – How to – Manuals :  Create you own MeshWeb-Pages

14 November 2017:  New Blogpost – AREDN How To: Services need more exposure and instruction manuals/videos.

1 October to 1 November 2017: New Blogpost –  What is happening on and from the AREDN: Mossel Bay Mesh Network?

19 September 2017: New Blogpost – Generous equipment donation received from an anonymous donor.


22 August 2017: New Blog Post – Project: Arduino Radio Interface (ala Signalink Clone) with photos.

6 August 2017:  Implemented Winlink 2000 Emergency Email Communications: Amateur Radio Email without having direct connection to the Internet.  Current Stations:  Telnet Local User Station and VHF/UHF Local User Station  Freq: 144.675 Mhz FM.

7 July 2017: New Blog Post – Winlink: E-Mail Emergency Relief Communications and Message Relay with or without the Internet

22 June 2017:  New Project – Real Time Clock DS3231 added to the Mossel Bay Mesh Server (16 June 2017)

22 June 2017:  Added Mesh Projects, News and Contact Us pages

21 June 2017:  New Post: After Action Report: AREDN – Mossel Bay Mesh Network Service

19 June 2017:  Edit the following post:  Article, Videos & Images: Fires Mossel Bay (Wednesday 7 June 2017)  Added photos, video and article to this post.

17 June 2017:  Posted: Photos of the Knysna fire and the aftermath (Wednesday – 7 June 2017)

12 June 2017:  NEW POST: Southern Cape Radio Amateurs heed the call for assistance during the Knysna Fire Disaster, South Africa.

7 June 2017:  Made a few cosmetic changes.  Not worthwhile mentioning all here.

4 June 2017:  Uploaded a few more photos to the Photo page.  Please note new photos will run from top to bottom.  No need to go through all the photos to view the latest uploads.

1 June 2017:  Made a few cosmetic changes and swapping pages around.  Not worthwhile mentioning all here.

30 May 2017:  Created the Mossel Bay Mesh Network Project Blog.  This will allow the administrator to post projects relating the the Mesh Network in Blog stile.  This is not a separate website but is incorporated into the Mossel Bay Mesh Network Website.  To view the blog posts click on the LEARN MORE icon on the HOME page header.

30 May 2017:   Installed and setup a Raspberry Pi Weather Camera for the Mossel Bay Mesh Network. It is currently running on a test basis and will soon be installed permanently.  Lookout for the Weather Camera on the Mesh Network.

23 May 2017:  Edit HOME page:  Add a caption about how to join the WhatsApp Group of the Mossel Bay Mesh Network.  Edit Photos/Video page by adding a caption regarding the build and costs of the 10 Turn Helical 5.8 Ghz Antenna.   Created Donation and Timeline pages.  The donation page was created in appreciation for donations received by the Mossel Bay Mesh Network from donors while the Timeline page was created for those who only want to view updated pages for new information.  I have found that many viewers do not want to go through all the pages to search for updates.  You can now click on the Timeline page and view the latest updates.

22 May 2017:  Uploaded photos of the construction of a 10 Turn Helical 5.8 Ghz Antenna.

21 May 2017:   Create Services page that reflects the Mossel Bay Mesh Network Services.

20 May 2017:  Installed photo album plugin to upload photos and videos and create Photos/Videos page.

19 May 2017:  Created Mossel Bay Mesh Network HOME page.

18 May 2017:  Installed WordPress 4.7.5 to use as Static Website as well as Blog.

16 May 2017:  Register and obtain the Mossel Bay Mesh Domain with Mweb:  http://mosselbaymesh.co.za