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Mossel Bay Mesh Network Photo Album

Above:  Current antenna installation at Mossel Bay Mesh Network HQ

Above:  Early days when MeshChat was used on nodes.

Above:  Cheap second hand switch bought at a redundant auction.  Now used on the Mesh.

Above:  Raspberry Pi used with Apache as server.

Above:  Streaming LM Radio with Raspberry Pi in headless mode.

Above: Access Point to check mesh status via Iphone.

Above:  Image of the first Mesh Node installed in Mossel Bay.

Above two photos:  Grid Antenna and Client donated by Rassie Erasmus ZS1YT.

Above: Ubiquity Surge Protectors to be installed to all mesh nodes.

Above:  New POE Adapter bought after static destroyed the previous HQ adapter.

Above:  Setup to live stream podcasts etc on the Mesh Network.

Above:  Test Raspberry Pi to test Mesh Services before final installation.

Above: Homebrew helical antenna under test. Very directional and working great!

Above:  Homebrew 5.8 ghz helical antenna.

Above:  Simple Weather Cam on the test bench.  Not ideal but I had all the equipment. Playing?

Above:  1 TB Harddisk donated by Sewes Terblanche to the Mesh Network.

Above:  USB Extension Cable for WX Camera.

Above: USB Extension Cable for WX Camera.

Above: Arduino Nano and parts to construct a CW Keyer to be used on the Mesh.

Above two images:  Arduino Nano installed with CW Keyer software operational.

Above: Raspberry Pi 3 Server installed to the Netgear Switch.

                   Above:  Generous equipment donation received from anonymous donor.

Above:  Home built Arduino Radio Interface


Above:  Rasp Pi 3 Node running Asterisk/AllStar