Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast – Notification – Changes


Firstly let me thank all those who downloaded the first two episodes. Episode 1 had 143 downloads while Episode 2 had 92 downloads. Now this podcast is not about popularity or the amount of downloads it receives. I have been looking at different topics to discuss in episodes. Something new, fresh and with an educational flavor, something which is not weekly pushed down the listeners ears just to get an episode out. Up to now I have not achieved this goal. I have therefor decided to change the format and frequency of episodes. Episodes will be published as and when I have the content that I would like to share in the Podcast. My goal is not to search the Internet for content which already exist. I will use Twitter, WhatsApp and the Aredn Mossel Bay Mesh Network to inform listeners and those interested in the Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast as to when an episode is released. Episode 3 – Youth in Amateur Radio will therefor fall away as there are more than enough info and podcasts relating to this topic on the Internet. I will also not announce the name/content of the next episode as I might run into more fresh and relevant news to be released immediately. I intend to shorten the “podcast” episodes to only 3 – 8 minutes depending on the news event or topic. Personally I prefer to listen to a short episode than a long outdrawn “sermon.”

Finally – Rest assure that even with the format and frequency change of episodes, the content will be relevant to all radio amateurs and not only to a few listeners. Once again we as radio amateurs need to adapt to and ever changing world with different challenges. No need to tell you what will happen if we carry on the way we currently do. Lets all Reboot Amateur Radio if not world wide then at least in the Southern Cape Area!!


Johan ZS1I
Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast