Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast – Final Notification – What topics to Podcast?


Greetings, my name is Johan Terblanche ZS1I and I plan to launch the Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast on the 25 September 2018 !  I have decided to stay away from Spin-Up podcasts and podcasts that contain every day amateur radio news and events.

There are more than enough such podcasts and their hosts are doing a great job in keeping radio amateurs and the public up to date and informed.   The Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast will share in the excitement and importance of Amateur Radio High Speed Multi Media Networking,  AllStar, AREDN, DMR and other futuristic amateur radio technology and events from the Amateur- and Scientific fraternity.

My good intention is to publish a podcast episode weekly every Tuesday with a maximum length of 22 minutes, the 22 minutes not guaranteed.

Check back soon for subscription and download links, along with show-notes and topic discussion. In the meantime follow me on Twitter @ AREDN: Mossel Bay Mesh Network and join the Reboot Amateur Radio Group on WhatsApp and AREDN: Mossel Bay Mesh Network currently active in the Mossel Bay area!

Remember to pass along the links and this audio cast to others interested in futuristic technology and Amateur Radio!


Johan ZS1I

POSTED: 5 September 2018

Listen to the audio clip here: