Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast – Episode 1 Futuristic Technology: AREDN – Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network

The following is a presentation by the AREDN – Mossel Bay Mesh Network. Welcome to the Reboot Amateur Radio Podcast. Your host is Johan Terblanche ZS1I.

Greetings from Mossel Bay, South Africa.

Episode 1 – In this episode we going to look at futuristic technology called AREDN which stands for Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network.

Content this episode:

    • Overview of how the AREDN Mossel Bay Mesh Network was established in November 2016.
    • What is a high speed mesh network?
    • Changes  to HSMM and AREDN through the years.
    • Launch of the AREDN Mossel Bay Mesh Network in 2017.
    • Services the AREDN Mossel Bay Mesh Network provide to the public, first responders and amateur radio.
  • How to subscribe to the Aredn Mossel Bay Mesh Network?

Content next episode:

Important roll played by the AREDN Mossel Bay Mesh Network in one if the worst disasters ever to occur in the Southern Cape.  Knysna Firestorm and other run-away fires in many parts if the Southern Cape.

Website AREDN – Mossel Bay Mesh Network:

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Johan ZS1I

POSTED: 25 September 2018

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