Upgrading Equipment: Mossel Bay Mesh Network (Part 2)

Installed a new backbone node at my QTH this morning after setting up Aredn firmware on the Rocket M5.  Just below the antenna a Eithernet Surge Protector was installed to protect equipment from static and surges.  How effective this protector is only time will tell.

Just finished the installation of the Rocket M5 and Sector Antenna of the Heiderand, Mossel Bay backbone link. I ran into a problem that the Rocket M5 did not have a weather guard on the Sector Antenna. At a price of R1835.00 for the Rocket M5 one need to take care of your equipment especially here at the coast. I can buy a cover but the courier cost will be more than what the cover cost. As they say in Afrikaans “Boer maak ‘n plan”. I came up with an idea and it worked flawlessly. 110mm PVC Pipe and End Cap is you friend.

I can now test distances from Mossel Bay to George to determine the range of the Mossel Bay Mesh Network in a easterly direction at 90 Degrees angle!

Here are a few photos of the installed node, surge protector, diy weather cap/cover and the 90 deg sector antenna.