Upgrading Equipment: Mossel Bay Mesh Network (Part 1)

I am currently busy with the upgrading of the AREDN Mossel Bay Mesh Network.  I am replacing older equipment with more modern and faster equipment.   The first to replace was the Netgear FSM7328S Switch.  This was substituted for a Netgear ProSAFE GS105E Gigabyte Switch.  The old switch was running of Mains Power (220v). I was looking for something that I could run of a battery in the event of power failures.  One option was to run the switch off a inverter but this would make the equipment case to large so I decided on the Netgear GS105E which only measures 94 x 100 x 27 mm and weigh only 252g.  Here are a few photos of the unit.

This switch currently hosts the following equipment:

  1.  2.4 Ghz  D-Link Access Point (MsbMesh 3)
  2.  ZS1I-4 Mesh Node (Main Node)
  3.  Raspberry Pi 3 – hosting several servers and Mosssel Bay Mesh web pages and Time Module.
  4. Internet Access if needed.  Currently not operational.
  5. HP Computer to make changes if necessary or to relay Mesh related content.

This change was absolutely worth the money spent.  Access to the node, AP, Servers and HP Computer are so much faster than in the past.

Link to setting up the Switch:  https://www.arednmesh.org/content/configuring-netgear-gs105e-switch-lanwan-ports

In the next part we look at replacing the 5.8 Ghz Bullet labeled ZS1I-5 with a 5.8 Ghz Ubiquiti 90 Deg Sector Antenna and Rocket M5 Node.