Renovations to the Mossel Bay Mesh Network Joint Operational Room progressing well!!

I have been hard at work these past few weeks doing much needed renovations to the Mossel Bay Mesh Joint Operational Centre Room.  With the up and coming winter storms it is essential that these renovations be finalized as soon as possible.  Here are a few photos of work in progress.

Top:  Image just before painting started.

Top:  Image reflecting the plugged holes. 

Top:  Ceiling and walls painted!

Top:  Carpet ripped from floor.  Laminated flooring to be installed!

I am currently busy installing the Laminated flooring.  Once that is completed the window frame and burglar bars need painting.  After that it is time to move in.  I will be posting images of the renovated operational centre and also after all the equipment has been installed and switched on.  I am looking so forward to that day.  Once this restoration project has been finalized the fun and games can begin.  Lot’s of new projects to construct and to install to the ops room.  Updates to follow.  Bookmark this page!!