What has been happening these past few weeks?

Lots has happened once again behind the scenes.  Here is a rundown:

  • Refurbished a antenna tower base for a permanent installation of the HQ mesh nodes in Heiderand, Mossel Bay.  Still some work to do before installation can begin.
  • Ordered a new VHF/UHF Amateur Radio HT Radio to use with an AllStar Node on the mesh network.  Lookout for future updates in this regard.
  •  Ordered all the bits and pieces to construct a solar generator for mobile emergency communications use out in the field.  This unit will also be used to feed power to AllStar, DStar, DMR Nodes ect.
  • Sold some unused amateur radio equipment to gain funds for future mesh network projects seeing that the donation drive is quiet at the moment and we need funds to keep the Mossel Bay Mesh Network up and running and also to expand the system.
  • Worked on the Mossel Bay Mesh Ops Room.  Apart from building desktops to operate from I still need to paint the room and lay some tiles.  The current light fittings will also be changed.
  • Worked on a permanent Solar Installation for the Ops Room. The current system is inadequate.  Bought two used solar panels to be added to the current setup.  This will give us a 300 watt solar panel setup.  Far from ideal but it is better than the current setup of only 100 watts.
  • Looked into future services to be added to the Mossel Bay Mesh Network.   One of the services will be to add a DMR (PiStar) Node to the mesh network.  I am currently also looking into setting up DMR over the Mesh without the Internet connected.
  • Successfully relayed the Pretoria Amateur Radio weekly bulletin and the HAMNET Western Cape weekly bulletin onto the Mossel Bay Mesh Network. The setup is now sorted and the weekly broadcasts takes place every Sunday, Monday and Wednesday.  Thank you to the Pretoria Amateur Radio Club and HAMNET Western Cape for allowing me to relay these bulletins.

OK enough for now.  I will see if I can take some images of the above mentioned projects.  I will post them in a future post.

Finally:   I again want to extend and invitation to all Radio Amateurs to become part and parcel of the Mossel Bay Mesh Network in Mossel Bay.  I need local radio amateurs to host nodes in order to extend the mesh network to other parts of the Southern Cape.  I can be contacted at sawois05ATgmailDOTcom

Johan Terblanche
Founder and Administrator of the Mossel Bay Mesh Network
Mossel Bay
20 March 2018