Update 2: Mossel Bay Mesh Network up and running!

The Mossel Bay Mesh Network is up and running after extensive maintenance and changes were made to the backbone network.  More on this in future updates.  It was great to see that every node, switch, access point and servers were running flawlessly after startup.  Even the time module connected to a raspberry pi needed no updating.  So far so good.  Tests conducted with ZS2I indicated that the mesh network was working great.  Quite noticeable was that LQ and LNQ now at 100% between ZS1I and ZS2I.  Before this would fluctuate between 60 – 70%.  Further upgrades and node installations will be done as and when time allows.  I am also busy re-furbishing several grid antennas.  However we need transmitters (nodes) for these antennas.

Network equipment like CAT 5 cable, connectors, VLAN Switches, Ubiquity or TPLink outdoor WiFi equipment will be most welcome.  Aredn Mossel Bay need this equipment to extent the AREDN mesh network in the Southern Cape Area.  We will also except your old WiFi grid or air-grid antennas,  Access Points, CPE’s for emergency communications. Donations can be send to:  Mossel Bay Mesh Network, 51 Apiesdoring St, Heiderand, Mossel Bay, 6500, South Africa.  Contact Aredn – Mossel Bay Mesh Network on Twitter @MsbAredn or email us: sawois05 AT gmail DOT com for further information.

This sounds that we are just asking and not giving.  Well join the Mossel Bay Mesh Network and see what’s happening to you donations and what SERVICES we provide FREE OF ANY CHARGE!!  The only capital outlay when joining the Mesh is your own equipment at your residence.

Looking forward to work you on the Mossel Bay Mesh Network.

Johan Terblanche
Founder and Administrator of the Mossel Bay Mesh Network
Mossel Bay