New Year – “New Beginning”

New Year – “New Beginning”

Like the title say – New Year – “New Beginning”   It has been quiet on the web-site for some time now but lots happened behind the scenes.  The MsbMesh is currently down for major upgrades and infrastructure changes.  This can last till the end of January 2018, weather permitting.  I apologize for any inconvenience in this regard.  As of writing this post the weather has been fowl for several days now with mist, very high humidity and rain at times.  So much for working on the mesh.   I also moved “shack”,  “ops-room”, “operational center” call it what you want. This room must be painted when the weather clears.  Everything has come to a standstill.  Well this happens sometime and I will just have to live with it.  I have lots of ideas and plans for 2018 relating to the mesh, emergency communications and security in this part of the world.  Look back from time to time for updates on new and current projects.  

Here is a list of envisaged projects for the first half of 2018:

  • Setting up an AllStar Link for simplex and repeater operation.
  • Recording videos of certain mesh projects/events.
  • Setting up Mesh Cameras for viewing weather and veld fires.
  • Arrange a Meet-Up for those interested in the Mesh and how to join the current network.
  • Plot line of sight areas.
  • Build more portable Mesh Nodes.
  • Build more portable AllStar Nodes.
  • Setting up an ADS-B Receiver to track aircraft.
  • Build a robot to assist in post disaster recovery or any other emergency.
  • Build a RC PMG to assist in post disaster recovery or monitoring of wildfires.
  • Other projects to be listed later.

As can be seen from the above list there is quite a lot of work at hand.  Let’s see how far we get with the above.  Feed back will be given on this web site on the progress of these projects.  Stay tuned!!

Johan Terblanche
Founder and Administrator  of the AREDN:  Mossel Bay Mesh Network
Mossel Bay
19 January 2018