Thunderbird Email Setup: MsbMesh Network Service – Citadel Server

Thunderbird Email Setup: MsbMesh Network Service – Citadel Server

Herewith a short/cryptic basic setup/configuration for Thunderbird Email on the Citadel Server.

This cryptic manual is for Windows XP Pro and Thunderbird 52.4.0 (32 bit) version

Click to open Thunderbird.

Once open click on tools and then on Account Settings.

Create a new account. I used Msbmesh Email

Your name. I used Johan

Email Address. I used

Leave every thing else as is and go to Outgoing Server (SMTP) near the bottom of the page. I added

Msbmesh Email – IP address where your server is located. I use a Raspberry Pi as my server and added the IP of the Raspberry Pi

Click on Server Setting on the left index.

Now add your server name: (IP Address)

User name: (Your email address)

Port: 143

Leave everything else as is.

Click OK

A new account should appear in the left hand block of Thunderbird showing all your email boxes.

(Inbox, Send, Trash etc.)

Security Settings – Connection Security: STARTTLS

Authentication method: Normal Password

You should be ready to go. If you experience any problems then Google Search is your friend. I

can unfortunately not go into all the details here. REMEMBER: Versions of Thunderbird will

differ for each OS you use. ( Windows, Mac or Linux)

Remember Google Search if you experience and problems. It solved all my problems!!

This manual/script was compiled by the Administrator of the Mossel Bay Mesh Network.