PART 1: Why are you building a community/amateur radio high speed multimedia network?


PART1:  Why are you building a community/amateur radio high speed multi media network?  

Here is a list of the reasons for building the Mossel Bay Mesh Network:

1. Self configuring and rectifying
2. Emergency community and amateur radio networking
3. Freedom from the Telkom monopoly
4. A neutral network that does not sensor or discriminate content
5. No personal data collection/harvesting by bots or trolls
6. Public wifi access points
7. Decentralized, no single point of failure
8. Community building with highly localized website pages
9. Close the digital divide and lack of free emergency broadband streaming services
10. Potentially higher symmetrical bandwidth than provided by any other amateur radio application.
11. Eventual self-sufficient network as alternative to the Internet
12. Use fairly low cost commercial equipment
13. No advanced network knowledge is needed
14. Rapid deployment and implementation
15. Interfaces easily with other Internet capable devices
16. Low investment entry
17. Multiple antenna choices
18. Over the Air firmware upgrades

END of Part 1

PART 2: Is there a monthly fee/subscription and can I use my own different router for the Mosselbay Mesh Network?