AREDN How To: Services need more exposure and instruction manuals/videos.

AREDN How To: Services need more exposure and instruction manuals/videos.

I have been experimenting and using HSMM, Broadband HAMNET and AREDN since its inception.  All I can say that this “mode” of communication is mind blowing, great, useful and a step into the future!! However I have come to the conclusion that after installing the firmware and setting up a backbone and nodes very little information is available to the general operator to install services for use with the network.  PLEASE DO NOT SEE THIS AS A NEGATIVE REMARK!  There are lots of information of what services can be installed and setup, but How to instructions are far and few between.  I installed all the basic services but now need to look at new interesting and useful services.  This is not the task of the AREDN Group of Developers.  We as operators/installers/users need to support the AREDN Group by publishing information on installing services.  We need to use all the types of multimedia available to us to promote services that can be used on the Mesh.  If we do not come up with new services and how to’s AREDN will stagnate and will eventually just be another item to tick of the To do list.  I have a few ideas on how I will try to promote all services used by the Mossel Bay Mesh Network.  A word of WARNING!  I am no IT or Network Specialist, just an ordinary radio amateur that loves AREDN and all that goes with it.

Here is my list of ideas:

  • Every AREDN  “sysop” /user need to share a How To of the services he installed. From the simplest to the most complex.  If every one that has a node installed publish just one doc/video iro how to install a service, we will have a great database.
  • I created small manuals (pdf) of how I setup services on the Mossel Bay Mesh Network. This is hopefully useful to others but I use these manuals as references when tracing errors or faults.
  • We need to make instructional service videos and post them on multimedia platforms.  
    We do not all own professional video recording equipment and editing software.  ( Who needs that anyway?)  Use your cellphone.   Remember the days when hams used pencil and paper to draw schematic diagrams.  So no rocket science is needed to make useful and instructional videos.
  • For those with extra time on hand.  Why not write a book on AREDN and the SERVICES it provides.  Concentrate on the Services aspect.  This would be great for beginners.
  • Use WhatsApp Group to share information on how you created services. 
  • Compile a Audio/Video Podcast on the services you created for your network.  Audio Podcasts will also help to promote services!
  • SHARE SHARE SHARE every single bit of information you might think is elementary or not of importance.  It might not be useful to you but others might find it most useful.
  • Establish Service Meetings / Service Workshops and video record the events.
  • Use TeamViewer to assist each other to install services.

We need to think on how the single/isolated radio amateur can add services to his network.  We do not all live in cities were we can attend meetings or demonstrations or even assist in installing services.  

I know that many out there do great work in assisting others to install services.  However we need to grow the services and show the world out there what we do and how it is done.   Lookout for future updates and a new page on AREDN SERVICES.  Soon to be published on these web-pages.

Johan ZS1I

Administrator:  AREDN – Mossel Bay Mesh Network