Project: Arduino Radio Interface (ala Signalink Clone)

Project: Arduino Radio Interface (ala Signalink Clone)

Having used a Serial Sound Card Interface between the computer and radio for many years I was looking for something better.  The first option was to buy a Signalink Interface.  Current price $129.95 (R1719.34) without postal and import taxes. This was not an option at all.   I decided to search the Internet and found several units that work with transistors.  I was looking for something that would incorporate an Arduino Nano unit.  Well I found a complete write-up by an Old Techie.  I am not going to go into detail here other than to post images of the project with a reference and acknowledgement at the end of the post.

Starting on the Veroboard!

Veroboard populated.

Making my own cabinet with aluminium.

Veroboard – I hate to work with it!

Taking shape.

Just look at all those wires.  A real mess!

Front and Back.

Structural completion and ready for smoke test!

Still a lot of wires but more tidier than before! 

Images of Arduino Radio Interface with decals

I can tell  all that it is working flawlessly just as good as the Signalink if not better.  Now why write about this project on the AREDN: Mossel Bay Mesh Network.   I will be using this interface with Winlink 2000 and an amateur radio transceiver to eventually establish a VHF Gateway / HF Winmore Gateway Station.  

Final cost for this Radio Interface Project =  $17  (R224.67)  A big difference in the end.

Thanks and Appreciation:

Kevin Loughin (Old Techie) KB9RLW (Project Link)

Johan van Aarde ZS2I  (Decals)