Article, Videos & Images: Fires, Mossel Bay (7 June 2017)

SOUTHERN CAPE NEWS – Mossel Bay seems to have escaped serious disaster although it was hit by one of the worst storms in history in the Western Cape on Wednesday, 7 July. The crisis was exacerbated by Telkom and certain cellphone networks being down for extended periods.
Late morning fires were reported in the blue gum thicket behind the South Cape College near Heiderand. This fire soon spread close to the homes in Heiderand. At the time of going to press, reports confirmed that a number of homes were damaged by fire.
The Mossel Bay PetroSA plant remained out of commission for most of the day as a precautionary measure. Spokesperson Thabo Mabaso confirmed that the plant experienced a dip in electricity in the very early hours of the morning.
“As a precaution, owing to to the fires raging in the area, management decided to delay the start-up until the fires were extinguished.”
At the Mossel Bay airstrip the raging wind damaged at least one aircraft when the door of one of the hangars was blown off.
The fires did not claim any lives in Mossel Bay.
Reports of arson could not be confirmed at the time of going to print, and the causes of the fires are as yet unknown.
At midday on Wednesday Mossel Bay Municipal Fire and Disaster Management Services staff were deployed at a number of fires.
In Herbertsdale both the Mossel Bay Fire and Disaster Management team, as well as a firefighting team from Eden, were fighting a raging fire. It was reported the fire had spread into the valleys, where teams could not reach. Mossel Bay Fire was monitoring the Eskom lines on the R327.
In Friemersheim the Mossel Bay Fire and Disaster Management staff managed to contain a fire and remained on the scene to monitor the situation.
Meanwhile, four people were arrested after a property close to Powertown was torched on four fronts. Mossel Bay Fire and Disaster Management staff battled to fight this blaze in the gusting wind to safeguard the Powertown community from destruction. The property targeted was Erf 928, where a number of individuals and opposition political parties insisted that the Powertown community be re-housed, despite an environmental report that indicated that human habitation should be prohibited owing to very rare botanical and fauna species there.
Volgens inwoners van die Village on Sea / Ocean Ridge areas in Mosselbaai het huise brandskade opgedoen.
Blombos en Vilage on Sea is tans besig om te midde van stormsterk wind te ontruim.
Dit brand steeds erg tussen die Heiderand Resovoir en die Casino.
Nooddienste vra weereens dat inwoners asseblief nie uit nuuskierigheid die area moet besoek nie.
Die nou paaie maak dit reeds moeilik vir nooddienste om by tonele uit te kom, en voertuie wat die pad versper maak die nooddienste se taak aansienlik moeiliker.
Article:  Mossel Bay Advertiser