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AREDN: Mossel Bay Mesh Network  (Amateur Radio Emergency Data Network – High Speed)

“Disaster Management is everybody’s business”

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AREDN – Mossel Bay Mesh Network?  

Mission Statement:
AREDN – Mossel Bay Mesh Network unites the skills and experiences of radio amateurs with the community and first responders to rapidly deploy emergency data network communications during emergencies and disasters. AREDN – Mossel Bay Mesh Network is a non-profitable community based organization.
Vision Statement:
Make a significant contribution to connecting people in the Southern Cape during emergencies and disasters through wireless mesh and other technology with a community grown philosophy.

From the 2017 Dayton Hamvention, Andre, K6AH, from the AREDN Group, presents a forum about MESH networking using the AREDN firmware on various devices. MESH networking with AREDN is going to be one of the most talked about topics in the future. This is really cool stuff. Give this video a look-see.

NEW!!! –  PODCAST STREAMING – Do not forget to tune into our weekly Podcast and Bulletin Streaming on the Mossel Bay Mesh Network.

Weekly Time Schedule:

Monday 19h45 – Rebroadcast of the Pretoria Amateur Radio Club Bulletin, Amateur Radio Today and “Amateur Radio in Aksie”

Wednesday 19h30 – HAMNET Western Cape Bulletin. The radio bulletin is transmitted at 19h30 SAST on a Wednesday evening, on Echolink, via ZS1DCC-R, on the 2nd and consecutive Wednesdays of each month.

Friday 20h00 – Podcast Evening on the Mossel Bay Mesh Network. A wide variety of subjects will be broadcast on the network.

Sunday 08h15 + 08h30 SARL Weekly News Bulletin in Afrikaans and English; 08h45 Pretoria Amateur Radio Club Bulletin and Shop Shop.

If your club bulletin is streamed via Echolink or AllStar and you would like AREDN Mossel Bay to broadcast it via the network, please contact the administrator of the Mossel Bay Mesh Network and provide him with your Node number/s. Node number can be send by clicking HERE.



AREDN – Mossel Bay Mesh Network is a non-profitable community based organization.

The Knysna Fire Disaster is a wake up call.  AREDN – Mossel Bay Mesh network urgently need donations of all network equipment, CAT 5 cable, connectors, VLAN Switches, Ubiquity or TPLink outdoor WiFi equipment. We need this equipment to extent the AREDN mesh network in the Southern Cape Area.  We will also except your old WiFi grid or air-grid antennas,  Access Points, CPE’s for emergency communications. Donations can be send to:  Mossel Bay Mesh Network, 51 Apiesdoring St, Heiderand, Mossel Bay, 6500, South Africa.  Contact Aredn – Mossel Bay Mesh Network on Twitter @MsbAredn or email us: sawois05 AT gmail DOT com for further information.

AREDN Group in South Africa Responds to Fire Disaster – June 2017

A group of amateur radio operators in South Africa known as the the Mossel Bay Mesh Network responded to a call for emergency communications assistance in the recent fire disaster in the Western Cape area. 

After the fires began on 7 June, a call went out for amateur radio assistance on 8 June when cell phone, landline and Internet services were lost.Hams responding to the call include: ZS2I, ZS1Q, ZS1ZS, ZS1HB, ZR1AOC and ZS1I. These radio amateurs worked around the clock to assist their local communities. Johan Terblanche, ZS1I, an administrator of the AREDN Mossel Bay Mesh Network reports that disaster communication links remained active until normal telecommunication service was restored on June 11, while the local hams remain on high alert.

It has been reported that the widespread fire caused a number of fatalities, destroyed over 430 structures and displaced thousands of people. The disaster relief efforts are continuing.

The Mossel Bay Mesh Network has posted videos and still photographs of the fire on their web site.

Reported by Southgate Amateur Radio News and the…

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